Other Services

House visits for training are regularly available for those clients unable to join a group.

Training problems are also addressed via house visits.

For clients unable to attend classes or the party and are feeling things are not quite going to plan a visit is also an option. These usually last an hour but if more time is needed you are not rushed. A complete behavioural folder is left with you and a training programme if required.

These are particularly helpful in households with children or for first time owners.

I also see clients privately in a local woodland/ farmland for off lead training or heel work usually these are half hour slots but again there is no rush

Boarding and train with owner 3 or 5 day stays at the beautiful 1 bed annex attached to my home . Paying for a one hour, 2 hour or 3 hour training sessions split through the day, with time to go off together on your own.

Board with me . 1 walk a day is sometimes not enough for our dogs while we go out to work. They are social animals and can get bored very quickly which can lead to behavioural issues. I can collect and walk your dog which can then stay with me for up to 3 hours to split their day.

  • Puppy house visit 60-90 mins £85
  • House visit basic training 60- 90mins  £85
  • House Visit basic training 50minutes £60
  • Training walk private 30 minutes £30/ £25
  • Training walk behavioural 30 mins £45/£35
  • Training walk 40 minutes £40/35
  • Training walk group training 4 dogs,45 minutes £25
  • House visit Behavioural £85
  • Zoom Call general training 40 mins £30
  • Zoom Call behavioural training 40 mins £45
  • Behavioural / training Voice call up to 30 mins £25
  • Dog walking/ part board up to 3 hours stay £20
  • Board and train 3 days 3hours a day with accommodation£390
  • Board and train 5 days 3 hours, with accommodation  £650
  • Day boarder 4-8 hours £45
  • Overnight board weekday £50, weekends £55
  • Holiday Boarding £50 a day