Puppy Beginner

Beginners class- The Importance of Early Training – Research has shown that the earlier your puppy can attend appropriate socialisation / training classes,  then the easier it is to prevent behavioural problems developing in the future.

“Puppy Socialisation classes”- For pups under the age of 18weeks at start of course. This is essential for the puppies welfare and important for their social development as anything older has grown in confidence and can easily frighten the timid, or influence behaviour of bolder ones.

Do not let the name of the class fool you during these courses your puppy will learn a huge array of commands, as well as how to settle around other dogs and ignore.

Dogs are worked on and off the lead to build up your control around others and their attention to you when off lead. We teach: Watch me, (Attention to owner without depending on lead), Sit (spoken and silent ) and Off ( helps with mouthing and jumping up), Down, Settle, Heel, Recalls, Self control, meet and greet people and dogs on lead.

You are taught how to gain that bond without restraint of the lead. We never rely on our leads to control our dogs. Pups will work off lead, and recall away from play. There is no better start!

At this age the pups are eager to learn and gain a lot of basic commands during the course. Behavioural issues are also covered continually throughout all levels of training.

The classes are designed for all members of the family to attend giving a wide range of exposure to your pup.

Training walks groups or private are available to gain off lead confidence, meet and greet, canine etiquette, Lead work.