For any clients who have attended previous training

These classes are again made up from the Basic training graduates.

As a trainer for many years I have noticed what is lacking in the training classes is the dogs realising when to work and when to play. For the next two levels dogs will be worked and allowed to play and worked again. The aim will be to get the whole class working for you off lead.

One most important factor of training our dogs is to have fun with them. The Intermediate course is designed around a game to encourage your dog to “recall from a moving object” (that bike/horse/ pheasant you don’t want it chasing!).

Training level extends the stay, alongside out of sight stays. Distant control commands in the sit as well as the down are improved making sure  our dogs are able to apply the required behaviour no matter the situation. Close, emergency drop and Joining up are introduced.

These sessions will be trained outside in a public place

 “Thanks, Melanie, for teaching us ‘joining up’. Our tiny Jack Russell was too engrossed in ‘killing’ her ball to respond to 2 spaced out calls. 3rd time I turned to see a white speck disappearing in the opposite direction. Whistle got her to stop & turn, arm signal brought her to me (there were a few groups on the fields). It has been worth practising when she’s been close, for this time of panic need.”   KP

Training walks provide you with the confidence to perfect your joining up, leaves, recalls and heelwork give me a call for availability.