I have been working with dogs for over 35 years. I began as a veterinary nurse in London and travelled to the Cotswold, and for 24 years training in  Oxford/Berkshire borders. Now training in Gwithian, using the beautiful Church hall for my young pups and also offering  training walks outside on the Towans , keeping it as real as it gets, for older dogs.

I studied at Southampton University and I have a Certificate in Applied Animal Behavior (this is the under graduate diploma to the Masters in companion animal behavior)

As well this and many other behavioral qualifications, I also qualified as a veterinary nurse. I work as a dog trainer most days and aid in behavioral problems in Hayle the surrounding areas. My new home also offers a board and train option where you can come and relax with your dog in a self contained annex , spend up to 2 hours training 2 times a day, and then the rest of the time is yours. A new favourite with many clients 

My work involves helping to prevent problems by running training classes which all lean to a “manners for life” programme. I also assist people with 1-1 training either at their homes, at my office or out on the dunes. I also help those who have dogs with behavioural problems on an individual basis.

Experience does not come with the years someone is qualified but from the hands on teaching, redirecting and interaction with dogs. As a FULL time dog trainer I am working with dogs on a daily basis. I was running up to 14 classes a week with 6-8 dogs in a class, in Henley and with continued support from one of the top behaviorists, other experienced trainers and several veterinary surgeons I have the confidence to guide you along the right path for your dog’s happy and healthy life, resulting in a wonderful member of your family. Now here in Gwithian I am concentrating on smaller groups and will focus on neutrality, attention to owner, alongside the core basics.